Message from Team YHAIM:

Our prayer is for all to come to know Jesus as their Lord, their God, their King and enjoy the fullness of God through him. May the anointing that breaks the yolk revive in you the hunger and passion to be a light unto this world.

As you diligently seek Him in the Word, may His Word be like a lamp unto your feet and may the heavenly doors open for you supernaturally and shower God’s divine blessings and favour upon you. We pray that the anointing that was on David be poured on you to overcome the Goliath’s of your life. Yes, you shall overcome in Jesus name, Amen!

We speak life, peace, joy and unity within your household. May your children be like a fruitful vine within His Kingdom. May the compassion and love of Jesus reign and rule over your hearts. And we pray, that your soul finds rest in God alone for He alone is your rock and your salvation. For what can man to those who trust in Him. In Jesus name, Amen!

Praise Jehovah Saboath, for among the God’s there is none like Him. To Him be all the glory forever and ever, Amen!

– Team YHAIM

“We love you. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. May the Lord richly bless you”.

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