Let’s join together hand in hand and let the whole world experience the love and the power of Jesus in faithfulness, love and in unity, Amen!”

— Kash & Alina Elijah

Your partnership to YHAIM is vital which makes a world of difference. By you linking up with us as Covenant Partners, you can make an eternal difference. YHAIM has been given the mandate by God to reach out and disseminate the uncompromised/infallible Word of God across nations world-wide. Together we can help people globally find the Source of all sources and find fulfillment, peace and joy within their hearts and life’s through receiving the Son of God Jesus Christ as their Lord, their King, their Saviour. Yes, He’s Alive and the only concrete solution to every man’s heartache, burden, depression, sickness (physical, spiritual, mental), oppression, bondages and more.

What is partnership?

A partnership is when two or more accomplices are in a relationship and share a responsibility. These parties agree and collaborate together in order to attain mutual goals.

What does partnership with YHAIM mean?

Covenant Partnership with YHAIM is by no means just a way to propagate and raise funds. A partnership with YHAIM means you are committed to this ministry and support its vision. Our anointing’s combined will open doors that will allow us each to do abundantly well and glorify God together.

As YHAIM Covenant Partner, you would be supported fervently through prayer. We would ask the Lord who knows all and sees all to bestow his favour and blessings upon you. We would also pray for the partner’s Ministry as well. We would conduct with good stewardship and function with the tenets & doctrines of the Christian faith, veracity and excellence. You would also receive an official Covenant Partner certificate.

There are many ways you can be a Covenant Partner with YHAIM: through intercessory prayer for YHAIM, pray for Kash Elijah & his immediate family, pray for YHAIM Team, support YHAIM financially & physically, get involved in the mission field (whenever possible) and endeavour to recruit new Covenant Partners.

To become a Covenant Partner: Simply fill out the form below. We thank you in advance for making the decision to stand with us and support the vision. We strongly believe that the Lord will take into account this great step that you are taking for His work with us. One of our ministries leaders will be in contact with you within 24 hours. May the Lord bless you abundantly, and always remember: Praying in Faith is never a waste of time!

YHAIM Partnership Form

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Your seeds-gifts are received with the understanding that the YHAIM has full discretion to channel these donations to support the preaching of the gospel of grace, as well as the humanitarian and evangelistic programs of the ministry. Thank you for your support that helps us proclaim the love of Jesus to the world!

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